GRC Vinh Cuu products

GRC wall panels

What is GRC?

G.R.C (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) – Alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced concrete product, is a composite mixture that the world has used very popularly for many years, because it has many advantages compared to traditional concrete. system.
G.R.C is encouraged by the G.R.C association to be used on a wide and flexible scale in many construction categories such as: architecture, building cladding products, flooring, landscaping, walls and windows, modular construction, Soundproofing and heat insulation for ceilings, walls, bridges, tunnels and many other utilities.
Some countries refer to G.R.C as G.F.R.C.

How was GRC invented?

The B.R.E organization (Building Research Establishment) and the Piketon Brothers company in the UK began research and development of G.R.C materials in 1965. They concluded that fiberglass itself has very good alkali resistance when used. Use with ordinary Portland cement. The G.R.C industry was officially established in 1970 in the UK.
Vinh Cuu is the first company in Vietnam to apply G.R.C to decorative concrete products and has exported to many countries around the world such as Japan, Australia, Chile, America,… After many years of research and testing. Vinh Cuu Company has launched a line of fiber reinforced concrete products applied to many constructions and projects nationwide.

Advantages of fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) product lines

  • Thinner than traditional concrete (thickness 10 ~ 20mm).
  • The weight is as light as 1/5 of traditional concrete.
  • Reduce cracking, chipping, breaking, and breaking.
  • Resistant to impact, surface scratches, and peeling.
  • Good bending strength, compressive strength and sound insulation.
  • Reduce shipping costs by 40-50%.
  • Reduce loading and unloading time, construction time, save costs.