Vinh Cuu - Specializing in providing products from GRC - Composite

Over the past 37 years, Vinh Cuu has always maintained its leading reputation in the field of GRC in Vietnam. Services are constantly upgraded and improved to best serve your needs and always ensure customer benefits at the highest level. Coming to us, you will experience professional service and low service costs.

Construction of Buddha Statues, Lord Statues and large statues using new technology and GRC materials.

Producing products from GRC materials from small products to large structures for modern projects.

Export products

Vinh Cuu produces and exports products from concrete such as sinks, bathroom floors, tables, chairs, and anti-static products.

Vinh Cuu’s traditional products include: Flooring products, wall cladding products, concrete water hyacinths and products from GRC.


Vinh Cuu’s artistic concrete products are researched and developed by the world’s leading experts before being produced.

In Vietnam today, GRC materials are widely known, especially among professionals in the construction industry. The product ensures fast and convenient construction technology, bringing high aesthetics and durability to each project.

Outstanding project

Summary of typical projects that Vinh Cuu has participated in in many categories such as facades, cornices, structures,...

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