Vinh Cuu Corporation


With more than 37 years of operation in the decorative materials manufacturing and trading industry, Vinh Cuu deeply feels the complexity but full of artistry in this field. The artistry here is to create the soul of the product, consistent with the architectural style and make customers deeply feel the beauty with all senses.
After many times of prototyping, production, testing to get feedback from architects, engineers, material experts… our products have just arrived at customers’ projects. We believe that products are designed not simply to meet the needs of perfecting a home, but also to give customers a feeling of comfort and closeness to nature.
Our product lines include: wall tiles, floor tiles, garden landscapes, tables and chairs, water hyacinths,… All of our products are produced using a semi-manual process and are not undergoes the firing process, does not pollute the environment.

Vinh Cuu is the first company in Vietnam to apply G.R.C to decorative concrete products and has exported to many countries around the world such as Japan, Australia, Chile, America,… After many years of research and testing. Vinh Cuu Company has launched a line of fiber reinforced concrete products applied to many constructions and projects nationwide.

G.R.C material

Traditional product

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